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Hens and Bucks Nights

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Hens and Bucks Nights

Celebrate in Style

You can do just about anything on Hens or bucks outing!!

Hens and Bucks Nights Hills District Mini Bus Hire Sydney

You can do just about anything on Hens or bucks outing!!

Girls and Boys!

Just thinking of celebrating a birthday, a hens/bucks night? Would you like to do it in a WILD - HEDONISTIC and decidedly UNLADY or UNGENTELMANLY like manner?

Well we have just one thing to say about that!


It is all about your Special Day or night!

Most of our future brides and grooms believe that the "Hens/Bucks night's ' are so important.

It is a day when the Girls/Guys can really get together and enjoy each others company and have FUN and celebrate a best friends up coming event.

It is NOT a time to drive! BUT it "IS A TIME to be driven!"

When it comes to having a great time with a best friend who is going from single to married does not mean they are moving to another planet! They just have found a person they want to be with. So it is not necessary to do something totally silly or something a lot out of the ordinary.

Often it is good idea too simply escalate from one of the normal bars and clubs to another, like a pub crawl - BUT BETTER! BAR AND CLUBS EXCURSIONS

Others like to spend a night at a great restaurant enjoy dinner and celebrate the coming event. SYDNEY RESTAURANTS BUS HIRE

"HEY! DON'T GET US WRONG". Some like to be daring and visit those places that are really outrageous! How about a DARLINGHURST / KINGSCROSS EXCURSION? We can tell you more when you call?

Keep watching this page because we still have more to come!


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