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Terms and Conditions


Hills District Mini Bus Hire Sydney

Hills District MiniBuses always endeavours to ensure your planned activity goes to plan. In our short history of operation we have had some instances; fortunately through good management and planning every hiring has been brought to a happy conclusion. It is unfortunate with any motor vehicle, including buses and minibuses the unexpected can happen, no one is able to grantee that a vehicle will run perfect every time, but you can feel very reassured that we are professionals and our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards and every effort is made to ensure your day will go as planned.


The Ministry of Transport has set out rules and regulations pertaining to Public Passenger vehicles that all Bus operators must abide by. The rules and regulations are listed as follows and incorporated with Hills District MiniBuses policies.

You are encouraged to take the time to read through our Terms and Conditions.

Should you have question in relation to our Terms and Conditions contact our office on 02 95592187

Hills District MiniBuses reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at anytime and without notice.

Following is the current version of the Terms and Conditions and they always available and can be found on this page. It is advisable for those making and having bookings to check this page regularly for changes.

Terms and Conditions


The driver is in control of the vehicle and is therefore responsible for the safety of that vehicle and the passengers carried within.

Passengers in breach by way of conduct of statutory regulations can be asked to be removed from the vehicle or prevented from entering the vehicle on the driver's authority.

The Hiring party will be held responsible for the conduct of all passengers travelling in the vehicle and for any damage caused to the vehicle by passengers during the hire.

Hills District MiniBues reserves the right to charge the hiring party for costs of setting correct any damage caused during the course of any hire.


Smoking is NOT permitted in any of our vehicles.
(It is against the law in NSW to smoke in a Public Transport Vehicle).


Alcohol is to carried onto or be consumed in any of our vehicles!

Special requests for consuming alcohol on within the vehicle must be made least 48 hours prior to departure. (Hills District MiniBuses WILL NOT under any circumstances or at any time purchase alcohol or supply alcohol to guests using our service.

The consuming of alcohol on board will incur an additional fee plus an extra security deposit of $500 either in cash or by credit card and this amount is to be paid in advance.

Should permission be granted consume alcohol, the customers/passangers must ensure that all alcohol and containers such as bottles and cans are disposed of in a proper manner. Spillages of any kind that require clean up will incur a cleaning fee. Seat damage caused by spillage alcohol, red wine or vomits will incur a cleaning fee PER SEAT! The cleaning fee charges for vomits are a minimum amount of $350.

The driver that is in control of the vehicle at the time if hire is responsible for all passengers and as such reserves the right to refuse or to transport persons under the influence of intoxicating liquor and or drugs. That includes any persons that are likely to be objectionable or are using bad language to other persons inside or outside the vehicle.

Should at anytime the driver is threaten, placed in danger or feels that the passenger or passengers are unsociable, or an overly intoxicated (Passenger/passengers may be refused entry to the vehicle if the driver feels that he or she may become unruly, sick or abusive.) using unruly behaviour on or off the vehicle any time, the driver has the right to terminate the hire immediately and when necessary place a call the police.

Hills District MiniBuses make the formal request that no opened or unopened alcohol brought onto any of our vehicles at any time without permission being granted. NOTE if at anytime any alcohol is brought onto any of Hills District MiniBuses vehicles or consumed without permission in that vehicle this will result in immediate termination of service and no refund shall be issued.

There are some that will not abide by the rules and endeavour to sneak on alcohol without the driver's knowledge. Then consumes the contents, and leaves the empty containers or spills its contents then the hirer will be liable for his/her actions and will be charged as per the fee schedule mentioned above.

Hills District MiniBuses will not be held liable for any loss or inconvenience caused by the termination of its service due to not abiding by the guidelines as mentioned in these terms and conditions.

It should be noted that should the vehicle be stopped by the police, passengers can be charged and fined by the police for unruly behaviour.


The Hirer or persons/company name that appears on the agreement hiring the vehicle will be held responsible for the cost of repairs resulting from any damage caused to the vehicle by any passengers of the hiring party, internally or externally. This will apply while or during the hiring period of the vehicle. All costs and chargers for damages, including demurrage will apply and be payable as by that hiring person as soon as such cost are determined an invoice issued (Copies of quotations for any repair work will accompany the invoice.)

Hills district MinBuses will issue statements of claim against any hiring party to recover ALL cost should the hiring party not be forthcoming and cover costs and losses to Hills District MiniBuses.

Passengers are requested not to talk with the driver while the vehicle is in motion and are not interfere with any equipment or tools required for emergency usage inside the vehicle at any time.


Food is not to be brought onto or consumed in the hired vehicle/vehicles at any time. NSW law does not allow for food to be consumed (Exception is given to those for medical reasons) on any Public Transport Vehicle unless written permission is given by Hills District MiniBuses.


Every passenger on board the vehicle must occupy and be seated with seat belts fastened at all times (If the vehicle is fitted with seatbelts) when the vehicle is moving.

Passengers are not permitted to place or expose any part of their body outside the vehicle at any time.

Passengers bring items onto the vehicle must take them off the vehicle when departing including any and all rubbish when exiting. A cleaning fee can apply if the vehicle returns in an unreasonable state.


Hills District MiniBuses retains the authority to recover costs from the hirer for all and any extra charges that may arise for tolls, cleaning, damage, entry fees, parking fees or fines and penalties. Requests made by the hirer resulting in changes in or to the service altering the original arrangement resulting in additional kilometres to be travelled or hours that were specified on the original service order produced, additional charges maybe applied. Allowances should be made by the hirer to cover for costs of any additional unforeseen fees prior to the departure.


Hills District MiniBuses requires the hirer is responsible for allocating and ensuring a safe and legal vehicle passenger pick up point. Hills district MiniBuses will not stop at illegal pick up points such as locations in clearways, no stopping zones, no parking zones and no standing zones. The Hirer of the vehicle can and will be held liable for any and all fines or penalties resulting from inappropriate or illegal pick up.


Waiting fees apply when the vehicle arrives at the appointed pick up point and time and then is required or requested to wait a charged in 15 or part of a minute blocks from the nominated pickup time. Charges will be determined by the size of the seating capacity of the vehicle.


Should the pickup time be set between 12am midnight and 5.00am or the waiting time passes 12 midnight a surcharge of 50% will apply and be charged thereafter to the hirer.


Heaven forbid! That is Vehicle hires and passenger night mare and it is a question that needs to be asked and answered. On Occasion or in some circumstances (e.g. vehicle mechanical breakdown/failure) Hills District MiniBus Hire may not be able to operate a hiring service, or part thereof. In such situations, Hills District MiniBus Hire will endeavour to have a replacement vehicle sent to the break down location or transfer the passengers to other form of transport allowing them to continue the journey. Hills District MiniBus Hire will only be liable to refund to the hirer that portion of the hiring fee that relates to the non-operated part of the hiring service.

Hills District MiniBus supplies advice on journey times in good faith and unfortunately can not guarantee the completion of any journey in any specific time frame. Further Hills District MiniBus Hire will not be held liable for loss time or inconvenience caused by the actual journey time and or breakdown of the hire vehicle.


No guarantees can be offered to arrival TIMES at the starting point, lunch or break stop, over night accommodation point, final destination, or return to the stating point/points.

All Hills District Minibus Hire drivers are issued with instructions for the journey in advance to ensure the driver has time to arrive at all point on time. However drivers must drive at all times in compliance to all governing road rules and laws. There fore unusual traffic, road conditions and weather conditions can have a bearing on arrival times. Conditions can some times be beyond the control of Hills District MiniBus Hire and the driver. Delays caused by these conditions will not be the responsibility of Hills District MiniBus Hire or our driver. Arriving late to destinations due to these and other occurrences are out of the control of the driver are not grounds for cancelling the hire.


Safety regulations dictate that a driver of a public passenger vehicle may only drive for a period of five hours. The driver must not drive or remain behind the driving wheel after this time as it places the driver and his passenger at risk. Safety is our highest priority the driver must take a break and have a rest period of no less than 30 minutes.

The driver of the vehicle must not drive - In any period of twenty four hours - For more than a total of twelve continues hours and during this time needs to have a rest period of no less than twelve hours, including a break every five hours.

As part of the twelve hour rest period the driver must have one continuous period of eight hours. This eight hour continuous rest period must be in proper sleeping accommodation not connected to the vehicle unless the vehicle is fitted with the appropriate sleeping accommodation an approved sleeper berth.


Hills District MiniBus Hire quotations are valid for a period of 7 days.

Information supplied for quotations and Bookings is kept strictly private and Confidential not passed onto other parties and only used by Hills District MiniBus Hire as per the hirers instruction.

Quotation for hiring's remain valid for one week except for changes made by the hiring party. Other variations to quotes, any additional costs for fuel, tolls, accommodation for the driver, government charges, ect.


Deposit - Bookings must be secured with a non-refundable 10% deposit and in some case a further security deposit will be required.

Final payment for the hire must be finalized at least 48 hours prior to booking date unless other payment agreement has been agreed to by Hills District MiniBus Hire.

Credit cards are accepted and all copies are destroyed on completion of the hiring unless further chargers apply for extra hiring, damage or cleaning.

Should the hirer fail to make full payment this will result in a cancellation of hiring without refund for deposits paid and a rebooking fee may applied.

Failure to pay deposits will result in a cancellation of the booking.


Cash payments must be made before the start of the hire or at the pickup point. Overtime or any extras will be paid in cash/credit card at journeys end.


All invoices must finalized on or by their due date.

Hills District MiniBus Hire reserves the right to add an interest component rate of 10% per calendar month after the due date.

All and any additional costs incurred by hills District MiniBus Hire in relation to invoices not being pay and have to engage a professional debit collector or Debt Recovery Agency and/or Lawyers to recover funds will be born by the hirer NOTE all on cost will be pursued with vigour until paid.

It is the hirer's personal responsibility to make payments of deposits and total cost of the hire on the day of hire unless other arrangement have been made with Hills District MiniBus Hire! In the unlikely event of the hirer failing to complete the transaction on the day or in the time frame agreed to pay all and any outstanding monies for the hire. Hills District MiniBus Hire reserves the right to divide the total cost equally and make claim of the same from each riding passenger individually or collectively and each passenger shall remain jointly and severally liable for such deposits and final payments.

Payment by company /business cheque is accepted on receipt of our invoice as per our terms.

Personal cheques are accepted however the requirement is the cheque will need to be bank cleared before the hiring commences. Paying ny personal che2que needs to be completed 7 working days prior to the booking.

Credit Card payments - Hills District Minibus Hire accepts Visa and Master Cards

Transaction can be made by email or telephone.


In cases where the hired vehicle/service is not utilised after the vehicle leaves the depot for any reason whatsoever this hiring/service is classified as a "non-cancelled hiring".

Should the hirer fail to take up or meet the driver at the hiring time at the nominated pick-up point/points. The vehicle will wait for a period of 30 minutes after the nominated pickup time, after this the hiring/service will be terminated and is classified as a "non-cancelled hiring".

The Hiring party MUST advise Hills District MiniBus Hire of cancellations via telephone, fax or email. Cancellation fees do not apply should the cancellation be made at least 48 hours prior to the vehicle leaving the depot.


Cancellation Charges:

"Non-cancelled hiring" - The Full hiring fees applies (no refund).

Cancellations made on the day of hire prior to the vehicle leaving the depot attract a 50% cancellation fee.

Cancellations within 48 hours - No fee applies.


All Hills District MiniBus Hire hired vehicles are subject to restrictions to the amount that can be carried, the carrying capacity as imposed by statute. The Hiring party accepts that the driver of the vehicle is the sole judge as to what extent passenger's luggage and effects can be carried on the vehicle.

Hills district MiniBus Hire while agreeing to carry the passenger's property, luggage and/or effects shall not be held liable in anyway for lost, damaged or misplacement of such the mentioned property or effects of whatsoever this remains the sole responsibility/risk of the passenger or hirer.

Hills District MiniBus Hire, driver, or staff do not accept liability for any lost, damaged or misplacement of any property left inside, upon or around the vehicle by a passenger or passengers this remain the hirers/passengers responsibility.

Any and all lost property found on or in the vehicle at the end of the hire is returned to Hills District MiniBus Hire office, registered in our Lost Found Register. All efforts are made to contact the hiring party with the aim for the passenger or hirer to collect. Item or items are stored for a period of no less that 90 days or 3 months after which is disposed of accordingly.


Hills District MiniBus Hire always reserves the right to replace a vehicle with mechanical problems with a different type of vehicle or engage a sub-contractor to complete the hiring. In some case it is also necessary to outsource vehicles and drivers when we are unable to undertake a hiring due to a vehicle or driver availability. When and if these changes are required the hiring party quotation remains the same.


in cases of emergency please follow the drivers instruction.

The driver is always and ultimately in total control of the vehicle at all times and if a tour leader is with the group will communicate in regard to any and all alterations to the hiring or requests from the hirer and passengers.

The agreed and arranged starting and finishing times will remain unchanged unless the hiring party requires a time extension.

Not all new changes or special requests by the hirer during the journey are to be discussed and agreed to by the driver.

Once deposit is paid or confirmation has been received by Hills district MiniBus Hire from the hirer the booking becomes official. By confirming and paying the deposit the booking, the hirer is also agreeing and is bound by Hills District MiniBus Hire' Terms and Conditions.

All hiring's/bookings must be confirmed with a monetary deposit, Credit card, or payment in full.


The Hiring party is to take full responsibility for reserving accommodation and paying for a separate room and meals for each and any driver for any overnight hiring.


Overnight journeys require a fully set out thorough itinerary supplied including stops and property names and addresses, contact phone numbers would be helpful.

Itinerary is to be supplied a lease 48 hours in advance of the day of hiring.


Any and all complaints in respect of Hills District MiniBus Hire services MUST be made in writing, verbal or telephoned complaints will not be considered with the same attention. All complaints need to be directed to the company's post office box P.O.Box 8115 Summerland Point NSW 2259 1765 within 14 days. All and any written complaints will listed and registered in the Hills District MiniBus Hire Complaints Register as required by The Ministry of Transport.


No Advertising material of any kind is to displayed in or on any of Hills District MiniBus Hire Vehicles, No bill boards, posters, magnetic signs or any form of written material taped or glued or be displayed on any vehicle without the written consent from Hills District MiniBus Hire.


This document is governed by New Soth Wales, Australian law.

Hills District MiniBus Hire shall not be liable for failure or delay in performing obligations set forth in this document and Hills District MiniBus Hire shall not be deemed in breach of its obligations, if such failure or delay is due to, strike, lockout, natural disasters or other industrial or transportation disturbances, law, regulation or ordinance, or any causes reasonably beyond the control of Hills District MiniBus Hire.


Neither Hills District MiniBus Hire, Nor the services provider, shall be liable in any event or for any reason, including breach of the agreement, either directly or indirectly, to the other engaged contactor or any third engaged contactor for any special, indirect, incidental, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages or loss of profits arising out of this agreement, even if such damages were foreseeable or service provider has been advised of the possibility of such damages. It is expressly agreed that neither Hills District Minibus Hire, Nor the service provider shall, under any circumstances, be liable to any hiring for an amount greater that the single bus hire fee for any day in question.


All and any vehicle hiring price quoted and confirmed maybe subject to change under the circumstances described:

(1) Due to the fluctuation of the cost of fuel the price of the original quotation may vary Hills District MiniBus Hire reserves the right to make adjustments to charges or charge a small fuel surcharge.

(2) Should there be changes in the federal, state, local laws, regulations or market conditions between the date of the confirmation of the booking and the date of the hiring that,

(3) Require material modifications be made to the vehicle hired under the confirmation prior to the date of the hiring,

(4) Cause Hills District MiniBus Hire to incur cost for materials additional or increased expenses in providing the hiring services,

(5) Due to market conditions, hiring discrepancies, information not supplied by the hirer crucial to the cost of the hiring the estimated cost of the journey is greater than the initial estimate.


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any and all other agreements, either oral or written with respect to the subject matter hereof.


The Hirer may not assign this Agreement or any of their respective rights, interests, duties or obligations hereunder without the prior written consent of Hills District MiniBus Hire.

Hills District MiniBus Hire may assign this Agreement and any of its rights, interests, duties or obligations hereunder without the prior written consent of the Hirer.


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