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Gentle Slopes and High Peak Skiing - Something for Everyone

Australia has nearly every climate imaginable, from extreme heat to freezing cold. On the same day you can be water skiing in the northern tropical areas in the morning and almost make it to the snow slopes in the afternoon for a bit of skiing.

Snow Tours Hills District Mini Bus Hire Sydney

The Australian Alpine areas are to be found in the Southern states, in the lower areas of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. The Australian Ski fields are renowned for being some of the most beautiful anywhere. Other areas do get snow but only in the Alpine areas is it suitable for skiing.

If you have not been to the Australian Ski Fields, YOU MUST COME! Experience the exhilaration of skiing - learners are welcome! Only those that have been before you know the secret of why they keep coming back.

You will meet people from around the globe; they come from all over, not just to ski or board the hectares of pristine terrain, but to take in the unbelievable views and absorb the atmosphere.

The Magical Australian Ski Fields are Waiting for You to Explore

Snow Tours Hills District Mini Bus Hire Sydney

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